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Buena Vista Foods began in 1991 with a simple plan; to create high quality cookies specifically for schools. Since then we have grown into a premium baked goods supplier with a full line of products for breakfast, lunch, a la carte, after school snacks and supper. In the recent years we have made a decision to only use natural ingredients in our products. This change has been a truly positive experience for us.

We take pride in developing products that are all natural to help support a healthy lifestyle for all students who enjoy Buena Vista products each day. Buena Vista has a team of highly skilled food scientists who comprise our Research and Development team who develop products specifically for your menu needs. If you are searching for a new bakery product, please let us know how we can assist. We can customize a new product to find a menu solution for you. We are happy to help!

Food safety and quality are our top priorities. Our facility is recognized under the Safe Quality Food Level II program (SQF). SQF is a rigorous credible food safety management system that requires an annual validation. We have a strong commitment to excellence within Buena Vista Foods.

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All natural products to help support a healthy lifestyle for all students.

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